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Bits & Bites

Skin on fries (Vg)          £3.25

Nachos (Share) (V)          £8.95

Generous portion of homemade nachos, covered in mozzarella & served with sour cream, salsa and guac.

Garlic breaded mushrooms (V)          £3.80

Pork belly bites          £5.95

Our popular, locally sourced bites, covered in BBQ sauce.

Mac n cheese (V)          £6.55

Homemade to chefs own recipe & served with garlic bread. Add bacon +£1

Spicy chicken wings          £4.95

BBQ chicken wings          £4.95

Garlic bread (V)          £3.25

Cheesy garlic bread (V)          £3.90

Crunchy onion rings (V)          £3.25

Homemade, beer battered.

Loaded fries

Mature cheddar & BBQ            £4.25

Mozzarella & sriracha            £4.25

Chilli & mozzarella            £6.50

Pulled pork            £6.95

+Bacon £1

Gourmet Burgers

All burgers served in a brioche bun, our homemade beef patties are made from locally sourced beef and are served with fries & slaw. 

Blue          £13.15

topped with stilton.

Classic          £11.85

Topped with mature cheddar.

Cajun          £11.85

Locally sourced chicken fillet, marinated in our Cajun rub, covered in garlic mayo.

Pavilion Stack          £15.95

Double the beef, and topped with bacon, onion rings, mature cheddar and BBQ sauce.

Moving Mountain (Vg)          £13.95

Vegan patty topped with red onion and a spicy tomato relish.

BBQ jackfruit (Vg)          £14.55

Shredded jackfruit, with tomato relish.

Mac          £12.50

Chefs own mac & cheese loaded onto one of our beef patties.

Pulled pork          £13.25

Generous portion of homemade pulled pork

Chicken & bacon          £12.95

Grilled chicken fillet topped with bacon

Jalapeno & guac          £12.95

Topped onto our homemade beef patty


Chicken Caesar          £12.95

Grilled chicken breast, on a bed of romaine lettuce, covered in croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing

Pear, walnut & Stilton (V)          £12.95

Mixed leaf salad, covered in pears, walnuts & stilton with a French dressing sauce.

Goats cheese w/balsamic glaze (V)          £12.95

Mixed leaf salad, covered in goats cheese, tomatoes and balsamic glaze.


Chilli & rice          £9.95

Chicken bites & skin on fries          £8.95

Chilli nachos          £10.95

Homemade chilli & nachos, served with guac, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos

The Dogs...

Served with fries & slaw.

Classic dog          £8.75

Ketchup & mustard.

Spicy dog          £9.95

Topped with Cheddar & jalapenos

Chilli cheese dog          £10.95

Our homemade chilli, topped with cheddar.

Toasted Ciabattas

Served Midday-3pm

Bacon & Stilton          £7.50

Brie & Cranberry          £6.95

BLT          £6.65

Sausage          £6.55

Full Breakfast          £7.25

Sausage, Bacon & Egg


Mac n Cheese (V)          £6.25

Served with garlic bread fingers

Chicken Bites (5)          £6.25

Mini Cheese Burger          £6.25

Crunchy Fish Goujons (3)          £6.25

Sausage Bap          £6.25

Served with skin on fries & peas or beans


Served 9-Midday Saturday & Sunday

Egg (V)          £3.00

Bacon          £3.20

Sausage          £3.20

Bacon & Egg          £3.40

Sausage & Egg          £3.40

Sausage & Bacon          £3.75

Sausage, Bacon & Egg          £4.20

Veggie Sausage (V)          £3.40

Veggie Sausage & Egg (V)          £3.85

Hash Browns (Vg)          £3.00

Small Full English          £8.45

Bacon, Sausage, Fried Egg, Beans, Mushrooms, Bread & Butter

Full English          £10.95

Our small but with twice the bacon, sausage and egg.

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